Bucket Elevator Boot Cleanout Options

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Universal Industries offers different boot cleanout options for our Bucket Elevators for easy accessibility and maintenance. These clean out accessories can also be paired with a boot extension, sealed drawer, side sweep, or funnel to raise the boot off of the floor and help eliminate product buildup. Quick and effective cleanouts help eliminate product buildup and improve product integrity.

Boot cleanout options include:

  • Standard Boot Cleanout (SBC) (bottom slide)
  • Sealed Drawer Cleanout
  • Automatic Boot Cleanout (ABC)
  • Hinged Door Cleanout (HDC)
  • Air-Vacuum Cleanout (AVC)
  • Funnel-Over Conveyor Cleanout

Whether it be large or small, abrasive and/or fragile, these cleanout options can be selected to suite a wide range of commodities, as well as, to fit layouts with space constraints. Available for Alpha Series B3 through F10 and U Series models.

(All cleanouts are or can be paired with boot extensions)

Boot Extension with Drawer Cleanout.

Hinged Door Cleanout (HDC).