UniVey® Idler Bed Belt Conveyors

Idler Bed Belt Conveyors are perfect for handling bulk products across long distances and can handle a variety of products including aggregates, no matter if they require low belt speeds and gentle handling, or high belt speeds and increased capacities.

Idler Bed Belt Conveyors offer deep troughs and heavier construction that allow it to easily handle bulk and abrasive products at higher capacities, even in tight spaces. The industrial strength drives, as well as high quality options, such as stainless steel construction, allow these durable conveyors to achieve long run times and optimum performance.


The hybrid roller/slider design of the Pan Idler Conveyor, with formed-in skirting, allows for longer lengths while still providing a sealed belt edge. Available in widths of 18” (457 mm) to 36” (914 mm).
Belt SpeedsCapacity @ 600 FPM
190 - 600 FPM
(0.97 - 3 m/s)
9,000 ft³/h (254.9 m³/h) to
26,000 ft³/h (736.2 m³/h)


The Dual Roll Conveyor was designed to be compact for smaller spaces while still hitting high capacities for applications that require long lengths. Available in widths of 12” (305 mm) to 36” (914 mm).
Belt SpeedsCapacity @ 500 FPM
50 - 500 FPM
(0.25 - 2.54 m/s)
2,400 ft³/h (68 m³/h) to
27,100 ft³/h (767.4 m³/h)


When durability and high capacities are a requirement. The Tri Roll can hit higher retention while still maintaining a reduced footprint. Available in widths of 18” (457 mm) to 36” (914 mm).
Belt SpeedsCapacity @ 500 FPM
100 - 500 FPM
(0.51 - 2.54 m/s)
6,000 ft³/h (170 m³/h) to
31,800 ft³/h (900.5 m³/h)